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The Piani Trait System

Why was it developed? Piani and Company, authors of Trait Secrets

When Judi Piani first started working with businesses ranging from law firms to family businesses and Fortune 100 corporations she recognized patterns of behavior that were causing problems in the workplace, but she saw those behaviors in a totally new and different way. Judi saw automatic, instinctive reactions (traits) that had a powerful influence on the operations of every company she dealt with, even though the traits weren't consciously noticed or discussed. What did get discussed were some of the behaviors caused by the traits-usually described by terms like "stupid" or "mean" or just plain "crazy."

What are traits? personality assessment, team-building, handwriting analysis

Traits are automatic, instinctive reactions. They are not positive or negative, but the way they play out in a particular environment or job can have a positive or negative influence on the organization as a whole. If your traits are a good fit to the environment, you will be happy and productive. If they are not a good fit, you will be stressed and less successful than you would be in the right situation. graphology, organizational consulting, business seminars,

To see the 24 traits most important in the workplace, Click here personality traits

How is it different from other personality assessments?

It's more specific and more relevant to business. The Piani Trait System (PTS) differs in two crucial respects from personality assessment typologies: Typologies combine a number of different personality traits under one type. However, not everyone who is categorized as a type has all the traits of that type to the same degree. Thus an executive can hire someone they think will work in easily because they are the same Myers-Briggs type only to discover that they are incompatible. Furthermore, some of the most crucial traits relating to success in the workplace aren't included. Piani and Company, authors of Trait Secrets

Because the PTS was developed from direct observation of organizational problems, it targets the behaviors that most strongly affect organizational performance and individual success in organizations. When executives discovered how much the PTS helped at work, they started bringing in spouses and children for help, too, and found that these traits are equally helpful in other interpersonal relationships. Piani and Company, authors of Trait Secrets

The Benefits

Individuals learn

Their areas of strength and weakness
How to make best use of their strengths
How to compensate for their weaknesses
How to make interpersonal relationships pleasant and productive
Whom they need to work with in order to enhance productivity

Teams learn

How to work together more effectively, productively and enjoyably
and which traits they need to seek out when adding new team members
in order to better achieve their goals
Ways individuals can be positioned within the team
in order to enhance their contributions
How teams' traits create organizational culture

Organizations learn

How the organization's culture affects the attainment of corporate goals
What changes can enhance organizational goal attainment


"I have used the trait system to evaluate management and prospective employees extensively. It has been, without question, the most effective "reference" that I have used.... The amazing thing about the trait system is that it really works. Rarely does an individual take issue or contest the trait evaluation system and virtually all participants are amazed at the accuracy."
– former President an CEO of mid-sized Massachusetts company

"The analysis Judi gave me is far more valuable than any other counseling I have ever received.... She not only helped me to understand myself better, but she knocked the socks off the people close to me who have listened to the tape of her analysis." handwriting analysis
–The owner of a public relations consulting firm in Connecticut team-building

"I learned more about myself in two and a half hours with Judi than I had in any of the previous workshops, laboratories, or counseling sessions I had attended–some of these lasting several days to a week...." Piani and Company, Trait Secrets, personality assessment,
–A past president of two companies who is currently a senior consultant with a world-famous consulting firm

Who We Are

Judi Piani, B.A., CGA

Judi Piani is the president of Piani and Company, a Massachusetts-based firm specializing in pianico, handwriting analysis, personality assessmentpersonality trait analysis. Through her company she has worked with thousands of executives in client companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to law firms and family businesses.

Judi, who has been consulting with corporations since 1976, developed the Piani Trait system to help individuals place themselves in positions that play to their strengths rather than their weaknesses. She uses this unique system to assist organizations with hiring, building teams and integrating new team members, placing individuals in positions that best utilize their talents, improving workplace dynamics, and achieving organizational goals.

Judi earned a B.A. in human growth and development from the University of Massachusetts and is a Certified Graphoanalyst. She has appeared on radio and television, has been quoted in newspaper and magazine articles, and is a sought-after speaker on the use of traits to build more effective working relationships.

Hedy Bookin-Weiner, Ph.D.,CGA

Hedy, a Certified Graphoanalyst, earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard University. Formerly an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, she has published articles in the fields of sociology and criminology. A specialist in genealogical handwriting analysis, she has lectured and published on genealogical and historical graphology. She continues to lecture on a variety of handwriting analysis topics for college classes and professional organizations in the greater Boston area. If you would like to learn more about how handwriting analysis works, read
Hedy's article: Ancestry.com - Handwriting Analysis for Genealogists
Piani and Company, Trait Secrets, personality assessment, team-building, handwriting analysis

pianico, handwriting analysis, personality assessment


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